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What Is The Quality Of Cotton Dobby Cloth?
Sep 19, 2017

What is the quality of cotton Dobby Cloth?
  The performance of the Cotton Dobby Cloth has been evolving because of the rapid development of modern production technology, the production of a more high quality Cotton Dobby Cloth on the basis of the traditional Cotton Dobby Cloth. What are the characteristics of the high quality Cotton Dobby Cloth? So what kind of talent is considered high quality Cotton Dobby Cloth?
a, the current relatively high quality Cotton Dobby Cloth to propylene as the main raw material, performance greatly improved in life is also widely used in building outdoor tents, carport and so on.
b, which has a stronger resistance to puncture, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, long service life.
c, and can be recycled, completely green.
d, on the basis of good waterproof effect, at the same time have a good endothermic function, regardless of rain and sunny days can do cover. If you stand under the cotton Dobby Cloth, feeling the sun will be direct eyes, it shows shade and rain effect is not good.
e, high quality Cotton Dobby Cloth latitude and longitude density, toughness, the appearance of smooth and soft, hand touch with a comfortable touch.
f, the more water per square centimeter of course the better the quality of the better.
    The old Cotton Dobby Cloth, which has been in use for a long time, can be reused after a modified process, saving you the cost. Here's a summary of the cotton Dobby Cloth process:
   Brush method: first sweep the cloth on both sides of the soil, flutter in the mat or broken old cloth, so as not to soil. Will have a good material into the basin or kegs, one person evenly on the Peng cloth on the spill, another person with a broom to sweep the four sides, and then brush the floor brush, so that the material into the Pengbu weave. After all brush, the Pengbu not half a meter of the thickness of a fold, finished over the people to force the pedal, so that it does not spend evenly, and then open the Pengbu, less drying, that should brush the second time.
Most Cotton Dobby Cloth users, in order to save, continue to use the quality of Cotton Dobby Cloth in the event of failure to cause problems. If the Cotton Dobby Cloth product is used for three years or less than three years but the repair area is 40% or the cotton Dobby Cloth with 200 repair points, it must be scrapped, Can not continue to use.
How should we maintain the Cotton Dobby Cloth during the use of Cotton Dobby Cloth in our daily life to ensure the proper use of the Cotton Dobby Cloth.
1. Learn carefully about the use of the Cotton Dobby Cloth, then install the Cotton Dobby Cloth. The installation process should pay attention to some details, such as the location of the Cotton Dobby Cloth.
2. Use the process, to avoid sharp objects and Cotton Dobby Cloth contact, or its scratch Cotton Dobby Cloth will affect the final effect. If you accidentally cut Cotton Dobby Cloth, need to do a good job on the cotton Dobby Cloth repair work, such as patching and so on.
3. Cotton Dobby Cloth When you are not in use, need to be in a cool and ventilated place to receive, and all the spare parts collection is complete, do not miss, so as to avoid inconvenience when the next use.
4. Please pay attention to the handling of the Cotton Dobby Cloth, but also in a safe place, do not put too high temperature, and no fireworks, so that cotton Dobby Cloth or Cotton Dobby Cloth under the items were fire Baking causes you unnecessary losses.
5. Do the cleaning work for Cotton Dobby Cloth. After use, make sure to clean the Cotton Dobby Cloth for a long time if you do not need it for a long time.
6. The long-awaited Cotton Dobby Cloth needs to be dried to avoid the smell of mold on the Cotton Dobby Cloth and the impact on the life of the Cotton Dobby Cloth.