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What Is The Need To Pay Attention To The Preservation And Cleaning Of The Cotton Twill Fabric?
Nov 01, 2017

What is the need to pay attention to the preservation and cleaning of the Cotton Twill Fabric?
Due to the durability of the Cotton Twill Fabric, it is widely used in various industries. In fact, Cotton Twill Fabric use, save, the next can continue to use Oh, then how to do the preservation of Cotton Twill Fabric? Summed up the following:
First of all, is to do a good job of Cotton Twill Fabric folding and packaging, the specific method is as follows:
1 First turn the Cotton Twill Fabric upside down, remember to leave two ends of the rope (D-shaped rope), and then the length of both sides of the direction of cotton Twill Fabric longitudinal center line.
2 fold and easy to use, should be completely clear exposed Cotton Twill Fabric on the small road emblem and Cotton Twill Fabric number, so that the next use. In fact, the purpose of the Cotton Twill Fabric Folding is to facilitate the handling, safety, copying, loading, counting, stacking and storage of the Cotton Twill Fabric.
3 and then folded the two sides evenly divided into three, toward the vertical midline continuous fold twice.
4 fold the sides of the Cotton Twill Fabric in the widthwise direction of the Cotton Twill Fabric, and then press the center of the Cotton Twill Fabric twice in succession to the center (D type three times).
5 will be tied with a reserved rope, both sides of the bundle of cross, must be tied tightly tied, while the rope to the fortress, can not appear loose and rope off, nor drag the bundled Cotton Twill Fabric. After that, pay attention to the location of the Cotton Twill Fabric. The best place to store the Cotton Twill Fabric is to indoors, not to expose it to the outside, and to keep the space flowing away from the heat source.
How to clean the Cotton Twill Fabric
There is obvious stains in the central part of the cleaning ~ metaphor oil can be washed with detergent! To thoroughly clean the time to use a soft brush to wash, thoroughly rinse! In the cool sun drying ~ ~! Water first add some salt or white vinegar, then the package immersed in about three very bell, to prevent fading, washing can solve the problem of cotton Twill Fabric cleaning.
Cotton Twill Fabric use and maintenance knowledge:
1, Cotton Twill Fabric use should avoid sharp scratches fabric, resulting in decreased waterproof performance of the fabric. 2, waterproof Cotton Twill Fabric used, it should be dried after the packaging to save, for use. 3, Cotton Twill Fabric stacked stock should pay attention to moisture, anti-mouse bite, depending on the local temperature and climate conditions, regular drying. 4, Cotton Twill Fabric handling process should pay attention to force evenly to prevent damage to the outer packaging, anti-brute force tear, drag the ground, you can use the rolling way to move Cotton Twill Fabric. 5, Cotton Twill Fabric is generally not a professional fire cloth, should pay attention to use away from the fire, the inventory should pay attention to fire, pay attention to not throw the locomotive. 6, Cotton Twill Fabric deployment due to place a good place in the start, to avoid pulling on the ground lead to Cotton Twill Fabric damage. 7, Cotton Twill Fabric should be checked before the ground, remove sharp objects, to prevent PVC anti-Cotton Twill Fabric surface fabric damage. 8, please predict the local wind, when the wind is too large, please advance in advance PVC waterproof Cotton Twill Fabric reinforcement.
Cotton Twill Fabric coated high-strength polyester waterproof cloth is based on high-strength polyester canvas cloth, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with accelerator, anti-mildew agent, anti-aging agent, Chemical additives, made by high temperature plastic.
Cotton Twill Fabric advantages: with waterproof, mildew, cold, anti-aging, and other properties; and the product breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength is much better than the traditional Cotton Twill Fabric; product appearance colorful, Pleasing to the eye.