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What Are The Skills And Applications Of The Cotton Twill Fabric?
Oct 19, 2017

What are the skills and applications of the Cotton Twill Fabric?
Cotton Twill Fabric correct packing skills:
First, how to master the cotton Twill Fabric correct folding packaging skills:
(1) first cotton Twill Fabric tile spread, pay attention to face up, we must remember to stay out of the next two ropes, will be more long sides folded to the middle of the tarpaulin.
(2) the folded side of the two parts and then divided into three equal parts, and then to the middle and then folded twice.
(3) Then the other side of the Cotton Twill Fabric on both sides of the direction of the other side of the fold, and then each to the midline position folded three times the last step on the real. After stacking the size is about 100cm900cm300cm.
(4) Finally, with the edge of the rope tied up, both sides are tied into a cross-shaped, rope stuffed, tied tight tight.
Second, Cotton Twill Fabric to keep dry. After the use of the tarpaulin to hang up and dry, found tarpaulins have stolen dirt, use water to gently scrub, can not use a chemical addition of detergent, do not force scrub to prevent damage to the surface of the fabric waterproof film, Affect the tarpaulin waterproof function.
Third, Cotton Twill Fabric bought a new place in its waterproof suture glue on a layer of suture glue. Cotton Twill Fabric from the production to you to buy back, it may take a long time, need to consolidate the waterproof measures.
Fourth, tarpaulins use, do not wear shoes directly stampede, this may damage the tarpaulin fabric strength.
5, in the Cotton Twill Fabric structures, to the tarpaulin fixed to the ground, so as not to use brick and other pressure will not be strong, collapsed.
Second, Cotton Twill Fabric applications:
According to the use of tarpaulins, car tarpaulin is mainly used for transport and covering in trucks and cars.
Cotton Twill Fabric Transport: Tarpaulin is not the most important part of the car, but as an important attachment, if it can be properly used, can save money, but also directly related to the quality of transport goods is good or bad. There are three types of car tarpaulins: square, curved, triangular and tiled.
1, square: general truck manufacturers use this form, the advantage of the car volume is larger, smooth. The disadvantage is poor drainage conditions, the top easy to groove or concave and water. If the quality of the tarpaulin is poor, the water easily penetrates into the compartment, so that the material becomes tidal and metamorphosed. At the same time, the corrosion of the tarpaulin is accelerated due to the relationship of the water, and the canopy is easily blown in the mountain.
2, triangle: generally only the plateau mountain transport companies to use. Advantages are good drainage conditions, no water, easy to touch the mountain scratch cotton Twill Fabric. The disadvantage is the smaller volume, easy to transport light bulb cargo, tarpaulin easy to contact with the material, such as tarpaulin seepage easily lead to material deterioration.
3, the arc: it draws the advantages of the triangle and square, to a certain extent, to overcome and avoid the shortcomings of the triangle and square, and because the current domestic transport environment greatly improved, the current domestic truck general use such a shape.
4, tiling: As the truck itself is not installed canopy pole, mostly belonging to the rail car, in the transport process need to cover the goods, the cotton Twill Fabric directly tiled in the truck compartment to prevent the goods spilled and free from wind and rain.
Third, how to use to extend the life of Cotton Twill Fabric:
1. First of all, we should take a good look at the use of car tarpaulins, plastic tarpaulin and then on the tarpaulin device, the device should pay attention to the process, for example, is not a good position and so on.
2. After the use of the Cotton Twill Fabric, we need to collect all the parts and components, and must not miss any parts.
3. After a period of storage, it is necessary to take out the exposure to prevent the emergence of bacteria.
4. We need to note that in the Linyi tarpaulin in the process of storage, Cotton Twill Fabric do not put their hosting position near the sharp things in the local.
Cotton Twill Fabric is an important item in our life, in order to save maintenance costs and the use of cost, we need to seriously protect it in the daily use of it. Mainly used in small cars, the work is more complex, need to use the European and American markets commonly used three-dimensional cut method, so that the car made close to the car body. There is a certain market demand, but with the current company's materials, technology, market direction and so does not match, so the following do not study.