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What About Cotton Canvas Production Processes?
Oct 19, 2017

What about Cotton Canvas production processes?
Cotton Canvas custom production Cotton Canvas production technology there are two, one is the horizontal machine machinery production, is the kind of heavy-duty large cylinder, put the sheet into the material and then put out on the leather belt, through the heavy cylindrical The bottom of the pressure flattened, and then pull the dryer drying, and then trimming, sub-circle, packaging. One is the vertical machine machinery production, the cloth straight into the raw material box pulled out, on the sheet of adhesive material is high purity PVC material, and then both sides have been straightened through the knife with a knife, with a knife scraping After drying machine drying, trimming, sub-circle, packaging. There are two kinds of dryer, one is to use electric, one is the boiler. The PVCCotton Canvas produced by the horizontal machine is cheaper than the PVCCotton Canvas produced by the vertical machine because the horizontal machine requires less raw material on the production of raw materials than the vertical production of the vertical machine. Material can be put up to suppress, but the vertical machine production can not, and the requirements of raw materials, raw materials must be from a certain degree of purity. Cotton Canvas custom analysis often vertical machine production PVCCotton Canvas to be slightly expensive, Cotton Canvas products are also high purity.
Cotton Canvas bag if not contaminated with any special stains, you can directly put the entire package in the water, with a brush to clean, but there are obvious stains on the need to local cleaning friends. Such as packets stained with grease, you can use detergent to clean. To thoroughly clean the time to use a soft brush to wash, thoroughly rinse! In addition, if the fear of the package fade, you can add some salt in the water or white vinegar, then the package immersed for about thirty minutes, and then clean can be, this method can effectively prevent fading. Cotton Canvas package should also pay attention after cleaning a very important point is that the edge of the bag by hand to support it up, the package plane to produce some wrinkles can be used to grasp the two sides on both sides of the force to it Look, this will package will be more smooth, so dry the edge of the package after the corner will be very full, and back up there will be no dry phenomenon, more able to reflect the back of the cotton Canvas package free and easy and free.
Cotton Canvas after the spread of the account should be the first fixed four corners of the account, so that the bottom of the bill on the ground paved the prison, if conditions, the bottom of the account can be pad seats, so that both maintenance of the bottom, but also to reach the best waterproof. Support foreign account, in addition to convergence with the Penglue reliable, with particular attention to pull the rope, so that the foreign account taut, to facilitate the arrival of the best anti-rain, skirt, the use of soft soil or sand pressure Well, winter can also be used snow pressure, which is more conducive to wind. The fixation of the nail should have an angle of inclination, and the viewpoint should be 35-45 degrees, and the spacing and direction of the nail should be the same axis as the rope, and the rope and the nail are at an angle of 90 degrees. This is advantageous for reaching the largest Force strength.
Cotton Canvas should be fixed in the fixed order should be fixed, for example: the first left front corner, followed by the right rear corner, right rake, left rear corner, the entire account fixed, adjust the rope pull the rope to pull all the common force. After holding a good account, check the interval between inside and outside the account, if posted together, the impact of rain and anti-dew, should be adjusted.
Cotton Canvas often discovers due to improper storage, or other factors. So what is the way to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, then let us universal about this knowledge. First try to ensure that when used in the usual time to avoid the Cotton Canvas and carbon ink and other items difficult to clean contact, after cleaning, but also in the above coated with toothpaste or white chalk made of powder, and to be uniform smear. And then in the dry can prevent discoloration. In addition to this method can also be covered with white paper on the Cotton Canvas above, after tearing in the sun, but also to prevent discoloration.