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Use The Cotton Canvas To Pay Attention To The Measurement Method
Nov 01, 2017

Use the Cotton Canvas to pay attention to the measurement method
Cotton Canvas is a relatively thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric. Coarse Cotton Canvas, also known as canopy cloth, was originally named for the sail. Generally use plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, latitude and longitude yarn are used multi-strand line. Cotton Canvas is usually divided into two categories: Cotton Canvas and Cotton Canvas. Commonly used yarn thread, fabric firm folding, with good waterproof performance, for car transport and open storage of the warehouse and the field of tents. The cotton and weft yarns are generally used for the production of labor protective clothing and supplies. After dyeing can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics. In addition, there are rubber Cotton Canvas, fire, radiation shielding with the Cotton Canvas, paper machine with the Cotton Canvas. The thick cotton Canvas also has good water resistance.
Cotton Canvas's density measurement method: General Cotton Canvas fabric density refers to a square inch of the number of warp and weft yarns.
First, the direct measurement method: According to the lens or mirror to complete the fabric density analysis. The length of the fabric density analysis is 5 cm in the mirror, in the analysis of the following lens, a glass engraved with a red line, based on the analysis of the fabric density, moving the camera, the red line and the scale of the glass in the red between the two yarns , As a starting point, although the number of yarn moving the camera until the 5 cm tick line. The number of yarns output is multiplied by 2,10 cm fabric density. In the calculation of the number of yarns, the center of the two yarns as the starting point, if the end of the year more than 0.5 the number of no roots, should be calculated 0.75; if less than 0.5, calculate 0.25. The fabric density should be measured as a general 3 - 4 data, and then the arithmetic mean is the result of the measurement.
Second, the indirect test method: This method applies to the rules of dense, yarn count fabric organization. First, by analyzing the number of cycles of the warp and its tissue, the number of cycles (tissue) is multiplied by the number of tissue cycles at 10 cm and the income is the product of the weft density.
Cotton Canvas bag if not contaminated with any special stains, you can directly put the entire package in the water, with a brush to clean, but there are obvious stains on the need to local cleaning friends. Such as packets stained with grease, you can use detergent to clean. To thoroughly clean the time to use a soft brush to wash, thoroughly rinse! In addition, if the fear of the package fade, you can add some salt in the water or white vinegar, then the package immersed for about thirty minutes, and then clean can be, this method can effectively prevent fading. Cotton Canvas package should also pay attention after cleaning a very important point is that the edge of the bag by hand to support it up, the package plane to produce some wrinkles can be used to grasp the two sides on both sides of the force to it Look, this will package will be more smooth, so dry the edge of the package after the corner will be very full, and back up there will be no dry phenomenon, more able to reflect the back of the cotton Canvas package free and easy and free.
Cotton Canvas production process there are two, one is the horizontal machine mechanical production, is the kind of heavy-duty large cylinder, put the sheet into the material and then put out on the leather belt, pressed through the bottom of the heavy cylinder, And then pull the dryer drying, and then trimming, sub-circle, packaging. One is the vertical machine machinery production, the cloth straight into the raw material box pulled out, on the sheet of adhesive material is high purity PVC material, and then both sides have been straightened through the knife with a knife, with a knife scraping After drying machine drying, trimming, sub-circle, packaging. There are two kinds of dryer, one is to use electric, one is the boiler. The PVCCotton Canvas produced by the horizontal machine is cheaper than the PVCCotton Canvas produced by the vertical machine because the horizontal machine requires less raw material on the production of raw materials than the vertical production of the vertical machine. Material can be put up to suppress, but the vertical machine production can not, and the requirements of raw materials, raw materials must be from a certain degree of purity. Shenzhen Cotton Canvas custom analysis often vertical machine production PVCCotton Canvas to slightly expensive, Cotton Canvas products are also high purity.