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The Use Of Linen In Our Lives Are Those
Oct 19, 2017

The use of Linen in our lives are those
Although modern people invented a lot of different materials, but Linen in our lives and did not disappear, but with the modern pursuit of the United States is getting higher and higher, the comfort requirements are very high, so Linen in the Our life is constantly popular. What are the different uses of Linen in our lives? Take a look at the use of Linen in life.
The most common place in the use of Linen in our lives is Linen shoes, we can in many stores and online can see the place to sell Linen shoes, and in the street, whether those who like sports children or like fashion Young people, we can see them often wear a pair of Linen shoes. Making Linen shoes is the most common Linen in our lives. But the place where we used Linen in our lives was not only Linen shoes, but also some Linen bags and clothes, made of Linen bags are those who pursue sports and like leisure in the daily life indispensable one Kind of material bag. Linen in addition to these clothes can be made good shoes and hats, you can also make some special special use of items.
The production of Linen in my life Linen shoes is a leisure time to make up the lack of the same items, because this kind of shoes compared to other types of shoes a little more comfortable, we wear Linen shoes whether it is long or how long Time our feet will not feel pain. Linen shoes is our life the most important Linen finished products, I believe that love sports you have a pair of beautiful comfortable Linen shoes it.
To do a good job of PVC three anti-Pengbu storage, we must first do the folding and packing tarpaulin, so as to ensure a better preservation tarpaulin. Specific folding and packaging methods are as follows:
1, the top of the tarpaulin to face up flat out, remember to leave two ends of the rope (D type for the rope), and then the length of the direction of the two sides folded to the vertical longitudinal midline.
2, PVC three anti-Peng cloth and then will be folded on both sides of the uniform dividend three, toward the vertical center line folded twice.
3, the width of the direction of both sides of the tarpaulin will be folded to the midline of the tarpaulin, and then each successive to the center half twice (D type three times), the force practical.
4, will be tied with a reserved rope tied, double-sided bundle of cross, must be tied tightly tied together, with the rope head fortress, can not show loosening and rope buckle fall, nor delay the bundled tarpaulin.
5, easy to fold, probably well and clearly reveal the tulip on the small road emblem and tarpaulin number, so that the next use. In fact, PVC three anti-Peng cloth folding intention is to facilitate the transfer of tarpaulin, security, copy number, loading, inventory, accumulation and custody. With the tarpaulin storage address should be stored in the room, the air to flow, not close to the heat source.
Usually after the use of Linen Linen into the cool vents, the reason is very simple, Linen in the outdoor open air rain and sunshine for a long time will become a bit old.
Effective extension of Linen use cycle:
1, Linen custom made please try to stay away from corrosive items.
2, Linen after use, you can properly clean the tarpaulin above the stolen goods.
3, Linen after use, the storage of the local environment can choose a more cool indoor place.
4, lin as much as possible not to be heavy pressure, can be placed in the warehouse corner.
Linen in the use of all the tension to bear, such as fixed when the tension to be tension: the use of the process to be wind, rain, the province and other additional force role. Despite these external forces, they are still required to maintain the original shape, not easily deformed, which requires Linen has a high tensile strength, and should not have too much latitude and longitude to the tensile strength difference. Especially as inflatable building with a large tent tension strength is extremely important. Generally its base fabric with high-strength polyester, vinylon and other long fiber fabric by the vinyl chloride resin, chlorosulfonylated polyethylene resin waterproof finishing. The strength of the product is mainly determined by the strength of the fibrous material and the density of the fabric.