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The Rapid Development Of Cotton Twill Fabric Industry
Sep 08, 2017

The rapid development of Cotton Twill Fabric industry
   Cotton Twill Fabric manufacturers, cotton twill is a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. Cotton denim cloth is usually divided into two categories: cotton denim and fine cotton twill. Coarse cotton twill, also known as canopy cloth, fabric firm folding, with good waterproof performance, for car transport and open storage of the warehouse and the field of tents.
   Cotton Twill Fabric manufacturers Overview, China's cotton denim production is basically able to meet the basic construction needs. It is widely used in municipal reconstruction, road engineering, logistics and transportation, agricultural production and other fields, for China's infrastructure construction made a contribution. China's Cotton Twill Fabric industry, the main problem from the "short supply" gradually shifted from its technology, scale, industrial structure and other aspects of the adjustment. Production of cotton twill from the traditional semi-mechanized to the current new automatic assembly line production, technological progress has also contributed to the people of cotton twill application of scientific research, which are very strongly promoted the development of Cotton Twill Fabric industry.
The quality of the cotton twill is not related to the thickness. However, according to the existing variety of waterproof Cotton Twill Fabric classification, PVC Cotton Twill Fabric (coated cloth) thickness is generally used from 0.35 mm to 0.8 mm, the thickness of cotton twill is based on the thickness of the yarn, the density of the base fabric, The thickness of the layer of material, such as PVC coated cotton twill, PVC coated cloth, knife scraping cloth, color cotton twill thickness depends on the thickness of the base cloth yarn, the base fabric textile density and coating thickness; PE Cloth, South Korean cloth, PVC transparent plastic film thickness depends on the weight of the raw materials used. However, we can not say that the thickening of cotton twill the better, can not say that the thinner the worse, because the judge twisted cloth is good or bad is determined by many factors, such as yarn quality, weaving density, coating raw materials is good or bad, As well as the proportion of raw materials such as coating in the country produced a variety of thickness of the cotton twill fabric manufacturers a lot, but the quality of uneven.
 Peng cloth in today's life is very common, but in the transport requirements are very high. How to correctly transport cotton twill, to ensure that cotton twill to the user's hand is no scratches, bumps and so on.
   1. Packing: packaging must be correct, folding cotton twill as much as possible when the Cotton Twill Fabric folding specifications. This folding cotton twill has a stress.
   2. Direct line: the selection of logistics must be asked more, whether it is direct, so as not to cause transit transit cotton twill damage. (Large cotton twill is very heavy)
   3. Logo clear: in the packaging must be marked on the drag must not be dragged up and down the product must be clear with the logistics, available cranes, or other lifting equipment up and down cotton twill.
   4, to stop cutting, damage to the tarpaulins and rope, such as the formation of the consignor due to the formation of Pengbu lost, damaged, lack of waist, side rope, etc., according to "railway pontoon damage disposal method" for.
   5, the station before the use of Peng cloth, should be viewed by piece of quality.
A thicker cotton fabric or hemp fabric. Generally use more plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, latitude and longitude yarn are used multi-strand line. Cotton twill is often used 58 (10 British) 4 to 7 strand thread weaving, fabric firm folding, with good waterproof function, for motor transport and open storage of the warehouse and the field of tents. After dyeing can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics.
    1, Cotton Twill Fabric the useful life is set in three years. If cotton twill products are used for three years or less than three years but repair area of 40% or repair of up to 200 cotton twill, must be scrapped, can no longer continue to use.
2, repair the railway cotton twill should be paste "Cotton Twill Fabric repair certificate", but also on the basis of the number of sheets, the number and the station for the transfer. If the station found the quality of the problem is strictly prohibited on the road to use, and timely to the company and the Railway Bureau to reflect the company held its responsibility.
3, self-owned Cotton Twill Fabric some of the management of things, self-owned Cotton Twill Fabric repair by the property unit is responsible for, should strictly enforce the Cotton Twill Fabric maintenance standards to ensure that the quality of self-owned Cotton Twill Fabric repair.
4, Cotton Twill Fabric repair must establish and improve the quality assurance, safety production, statistical analysis, maintenance quality review and acceptance management system, in order to ensure the quality of railway Cotton Twill Fabric repair problems, making the use of cotton denim standardization.