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The New Choice Of Autumn And Winter Cotton Polyester Double Elastic Fabric
Nov 01, 2016

Cotton polyester double elastic fabric is generally woven with air-jet looms, very individual with rapier weaving. Due to cotton yarn water and see the water strength is poor, can not use water jet loom weaving. Cotton polyester stretch fabric dyeing is generally two color, if the quality of cotton yarn evenly, you can single cotton, made of cowboy style. Cotton polyester stretch fabric is our focus on research and development of cotton polyester stretch interwoven fabric, his fabric crisp, soft to the touch, drape, is a suitable for women's fashion, casual wear fabrics. Cotton polyester stretch double layer fabric by the combed cotton yarn, weft with polyester spandex coated spandex silk, organizational structure using double structure, so that the cloth can reflect the sense of cotton velvet, but also the strength of polyester. At present, the development of cotton and polyester elastic double-layer fabric products, mainly in the following several fabrics:

1, Number: CTS1308 Specifications: C50S * P150D + SP40D Ingredients: C52, P45, SP3 Weight: 245GSM

2, the number: CTS1210 Specifications: C50S * P75D + SP40D Ingredients: C61, P36, SP3 Weight: 205GSM

3, Number: CTS1312 Specifications: C50S * P150D + SP40D Ingredients: C50, P47, SP3 Weight: 255GSM