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The Difference Between Polyester Spinning An
Oct 02, 2017

What fabric is polyester spun

Polyester fabric is a general term, including polyester TAFFETA (TAFFETA/TAFFETA), TASLON, POLY H/C, MICRO PEACH, etc.

Polyester filament spinning is the fabric made of polyester filament for the raw materials, namely polyester, the surface is bright, the feeling is also very smooth, the price is generally not high. Dacron is an important kind of synthetic fiber and is the name of Chinese polyester fiber. It is pure terephthalic acid (PTA) and dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (MEG) as raw material through esterification and ester exchange and polycondensation reaction of fiber forming polymer, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the spinning and aftertreatment fibers. The so-called polyester filament, is the length of the silk, filament winding. Dacron silk features is the ability to withstand bone-chilling chemicals and often wash, cut clothes fade and decoloring representation, therefore, hotel uniforms, storage blue cowboy clothing, sportswear, or children's clothes are made of polyester yarns. In relative terms, polyester silk is more human.

The difference between polyester spinning and nis-silk spinning

1. Nylon taffeta, woven silk woven fabric for Nylon filament. The fabric composition is 100% nylon. The material of the warp and weft line is 70D. The fabric is organized into plain weave and change organization. It is mainly used as a clothing fabric for men and women. The coating is not permeable to the wind, water, and it has the anti - down property. It can be used as a ski shirt, raincoat, sleeping bag and mountaineering clothing.

2. Polyester pongee polyester filament yarn weaving, bright appearance, feel is smooth, polyester taffeta, polyester taffeta is suitable for the jacket, down jacket, umbrellas, car cover, sportswear, handbags, bags, sleeping bags, tents, artificial flowers

Polyester, shower curtain, table cloth, chair cover and all kinds of high-grade clothing.

3. Nylon filament, polyester filament yarn, polyester filament, which belong to chemical fiber fabric, have no good or bad points, used for different clothing and fabrics. The method USES combustion method: the polyester raw material burns with obvious fire, nylon (nylon) is not obvious;