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The Development Of Cotton-bonded Double-layer Stretch Fabric Should Be Based On The Requirements Of Fashionable Women's Fabrics
Nov 01, 2016

Cotton adhesive double elastic fabric is the current market is more concerned about a fashion fabric, the professional name for the intertwined cotton plain weave double elastic fabric, also known as sticky cotton elastic double layer fabric or woven cotton adhesive double elastic cloth . Its warp often combed 50S, 40S or 30S cotton yarn, weft often coated with viscose spandex, also called cotton spandex covered with cotton, 50S +40 D, 30S +40 D, so that the composition ratio of both Can guarantee the warp yarn to the soft sense of cashmere can stabilize shrinkage, weft to reflect the gloss of the viscose so that the fabric is more smooth. Now there are two kinds of cotton viscose double stretch fabric to choose from:

First, the number: CRS1161, Specifications: C40S * R30S + SP40D, the proportion of ingredients: C50, V47, SP3, Weight: 250SQM;

The second is the number: CRS1158, specifications: C50S * R50S + SP40D, composition ratio: C56, V40, SP4, weight: 230SQM.

C40S * R30S + SP40D, the proportion of ingredients: C48, V48, SP4, Weight: 280SQM; Specifications: