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Tencel Polyester Stretch Fabric Is The Existing Tencel Fabric Series Of Perfect And Rich
Nov 01, 2016

Tencel fabric itself deficiencies are the following aspects: First, the surface of the fiber with fibril fiber, fibrillated fiber itself has a double effect, uneven fiber fibrils will form the appearance of the product is not uniform, resulting in quality differences, Hue differences and bamboo defects. Second, pure silk fiber, high wet expansion, up to 40%, he will make the fabric in the wet state of hard, which in dyeing and garment processing easy to produce creases, abrasions, stains and defects . Third, pure silk fiber dyeing is better, in the case of water swelling dye and additives easy to enter the fiber, the initial dye rate is high, easy to cause before and after and about color. These shortcomings how to improve it, we can and other ingredients to make up for the lack of pure Tencel fabrics, such as the use of Tencel fiber warp, weft using polyester, Tencel fiber and polyester filament can not only reflect the day Silk fabric of noble quality, but also show the strength of polyester filament, if weft together with spandex silk, forming stretch fabric, is more suitable for fashionable women's fabrics.