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Tencel Fabrics Often Encounter Quality Problems
Nov 01, 2016

Tencel fabric on the warp of the quality of the problem: the direction of the warp in the fabric of rain-like stripes, serious words in the fabric can be seen on the cloth. The causes of the following aspects: First, because of the yarn count yarn, uniformity, the number of twists and yarn cross-sectional shape of the differences caused. Second, the choice of the dye is not correct, especially in the more prone to green when stained. Tencel fabric dyeing on the quality of the problem: in the fabric of the weft to the emergence of continuous terry, after dyeing the color appears darker or lighter band. The reason is uneven density woven fabric caused. Or weaving the same specifications and the use of different batches of yarn caused. About Tencel fabric finished dyes. There are tiny dots of the same color on the cloth, or other dyestuffs on bleached or light-colored fabrics. Because the dye dissolved, there is no solution of tiny particles; or not to clean the machinery and equipment, dark processing is complete, continue to process light-colored fabrics. On the Dyeing Crease of Tencel Fabric. In the appearance of the fabric folding ribbon printing, printed significantly lighter. The reason is that when Tencel fabrics are used in the dyeing process, the pressure between the two rollers is folded. When the pressure line passes through the pressure line, the pressure is not equal due to the difference in thickness. The folded parts are slightly lighter than normal ones. Piece of fabric at both ends.

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