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Tencel Fabrics Are Still The Most Popular Fashion Fabric In China International Textile Fabric Fair
Nov 01, 2016

Tencel fabrics in this exhibition, especially by domestic and foreign customers of great concern, which is the Tencel fabric itself, the fine characteristics and the characteristics of the application of high-level clothing determined. Tencel fabric is a renewable fiber fabric, raw materials from natural wood but the fiber structure is remodeled and denatured treatment, so Tencel has the inherent excellent natural fiber properties, perspiration permeability breathable ability is very good. Tencel fiber than the natural fiber even dry, luster is also relatively bright, so Tencel fabrics to go through the sand washing to the performance of fluffy sense, while softness, color, drape are greatly improved, cloth style tends to more leisure freedom, Thus Tencel fabrics show a distinctive leisure characteristics, are generally not suitable for suits. Tencel fabric ecological pollution-free side, because the source of raw materials and production processes are environment-friendly, Tencel is known as the "green fiber of the 21st century," the name, which is consistent with the concept of modern consumption.