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Several Key Points In Improving The Quality Of Cotton Fabric
Aug 29, 2017

Several Key Points in Improving the Quality of Cotton Fabric
Cotton Fabric is a high-quality chemical fiber products, with good hygroscopicity, which shows in the normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, the moisture content of 8-10%, so it contacts The human skin makes people feel soft and not stiff. If the moisture content of the cotton cloth increases, the ambient temperature is high, the moisture content of the fiber will all evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric to maintain water balance state, people feel comfortable; cotton fiber itself has a porous, high elasticity, Accumulation of a lot of air, the air is hot and electric bad conductor, so cotton fiber textile has a good moisturizing, wearing Cotton Fabric clothing makes people feel warm.
To improve the quality of Cotton Fabric, Cotton Fabric has been formed under the conditions, to consider the following factors:
1. To rationally select the drafting process parameters, according to the existing Cotton Fabric twist factor is reasonable to optimize the spinning process, such as the rear area drafting ratio, after the area gauge. The posterior area draw ratio, the posterior area gauge, the choice of Cotton Fabric twist factor should be considered at the same time, which requires systematic thinking and comprehensive optimization. Of course, consider the pressure of the cradle.
2. Make the choice of jaw gauge.
3. The hardness of the rubber roller is also important.
4. winding process can not be ignored. To control the balloon tension.
5. Steel collar ring to be a reasonable choice, and match well.
6. Operation to adopt a mature operation method.
7. Control the temperature and humidity. At the same time to consider the former spinning and winding temperature and humidity. To take into account, suction (wet) put (wet) reasonable.
8. strict test analysis of course, not less.
Above refers to the Cotton Fabric under certain conditions taken part of the measures. But the design of Cotton Fabric twist factor is very important.
   Cotton Fabric organization is relatively strong, and wear resistance, but also tear resistance, easy to clean, you can also have the effect of waterproof.
    Cotton Fabric printing in the fabric screen printing, although there is no cotton, polyester and other bulk textiles printed in general, but it can be considered a more common type of fabric printing content. Cotton Fabric are often used to make a variety of travel bags, clothing, poncho, home appliances and instruments of the cover, advertising banners and some advertising. In the Cotton Fabric printing, not only requires the printing pattern clear, colorful, and most importantly, must ensure that printing fastness to meet the requirements, and printing fastness is also Cotton Fabric printing must pay special attention to the quality of the problem. Therefore, for nylon screen printing, not only to choose the appropriate screen, ink, cloth and other printing materials, but also master the printing of nylon printing technology, so as to ensure the printing of exquisite printing products.
    Cotton Fabric use: imitation silk can do clothing, was surface, home decoration; civilian a variety of parasols and military parachutes; industrial use of aircraft, cars and other tire cord and fishing nets, rope, conveyor belt, etc .; nylon Fabric stretch yarn, such as used to make socks, tights, vamps and so on. Due to the characteristics of nylon, with waterproof, lightweight and tough advantages, can be reused and can be washed with the characteristics, and more used to make nylon bags.
    Cotton Fabric bag durable material, practical performance is very wide, common shopping bags, rucksacks, insulation bags and so belong to the nylon bag, Cotton Fabric bags are coated and uncoated, coated with elastic Cotton Fabric, Layer is no bombs. Because nylon has many characteristics, it is widely used in automobile, electrical equipment, mechanical structure, transportation equipment, textile, papermaking machinery and so on.