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PVC Anti Cotton Twill Fabric To Prevent Discoloration Of What Methods?
Oct 10, 2017

PVC Twill Fabric has a wide variety of types, there are waterproof Cotton Twill Fabric, PECotton Twill Fabric and Blank Cotton Twill Fabric, but no matter what kind of Cotton Twill Fabric itself is a soft collapse, in the absence of external support It is difficult to fix, so the cotton Twill Fabric fixed support to have a certain skill.
Cotton Twill Fabric after the spread of the account should be the first fixed within the four corners, so that the bottom of the bill on the ground paved the prison, if conditions, the bottom of the account can be pad seats, so that both maintenance of the bottom, but also to reach the best waterproof The Support foreign account, in addition to convergence with the Penglue reliable, with particular attention to pull the rope, so that the foreign account taut, to facilitate the arrival of the best anti-rain, skirt, the use of soft soil or sand pressure Well, winter can also be used snow pressure, which is more conducive to wind. The fixation of the nail should have an angle of inclination, and the viewpoint should be 35-45 degrees, and the spacing and direction of the nail should be the same axis as the rope, and the rope and the nail are at an angle of 90 degrees. This is advantageous for reaching the largest Force strength.
PVC three Cotton Twill Fabric in the fixed order should pay attention to the corresponding fixed, for example: first left front angle, followed by the right rear corner, right rake angle, left rear corner, the entire account fixed, adjust the rope pull the various pull common. After holding a good account, check the interval between inside and outside the account, if posted together, the impact of rain and anti-dew, should be adjusted.
PECotton Twill Fabric often discovers due to improper storage, or other factors. So what is the way to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, then let us universal about this knowledge.
PVC three Cotton Twill Fabric discoloration method:
First, try to ensure that when used in the usual time to avoid the Cotton Twill Fabric and carbon ink and other items difficult to clean contact, after cleaning, but also in the above coated with toothpaste or white chalk made of powder, and to Evenly applied.
Two, and then in the dry can prevent discoloration. In addition to this method can also be used in white paper covered in the Cotton Twill Fabric above, after tearing in the sun, but also to prevent discoloration.
As we are now living standards continue to improve, we are on their own things around the requirements are constantly improving. Especially in the transport industry, requiring the goods can not be damaged nor wet. And now the majority of the use of cotton Twill Fabric for the waterproof Cotton Twill Fabric, but in its processing, there is a certain process. So what is the process?
1, ready material. PVC three Cotton Twill Fabric materials are raw materials and color differences, fabrics are pvc canvas, coated cloth, rain cloth, waterproof canvas, knife scraping cloth, the color to green-based.
2, start processing. In accordance with the needs of customers to do the standard, the first cloth splicing, after all, the width of the fabric are limited, the center seam is a sewing machine with a pick up, with a double needle sewing machine, robust use, if it is PVC The coated cloth can be heat-stitched with a canvas heat-sealing machine, and the waterproofness is better than that of the sewing machine and can be 100% waterproof.
3, the edge of the package hole. The pair of semi-finished products are made of four-sided package, so that the Cotton Twill Fabric will not be broken by several pulls. Usually normal drilling is one meter one, the hole is painted with a rope.
Not all waterproof cotton Twill Fabric can heat, canvas varieties are divided into pvc coated cloth, waterproof canvas, knife scraping cloth, silicone cloth, wax canvas and so on. According to the characteristics of the canvas and the use of different ways to deal with the general situation only combined with PVC three Cotton Twill Fabric, and silicone cloth, wax canvas can only use sewing machine processing.