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Linen Product Features
Sep 08, 2017

Linen product features
       1, aluminum foil composite glass Linen corrosion resistance greatly improved: glass Linen aluminum foil surface through a special anti-corrosion coating, corrosion resistance greatly improved. At the same time the use of polyethylene hot air paste method, no need to use composite adhesive, eliminating the composite process of adhesive residual moisture or solvent-induced corrosion of the surface of the aluminum foil mold.
       2, direct hot pressing compound, eliminating the composite adhesive, saving the veneer composite cost.
       3, aluminum foil composite glass Linen water vapor permeability is smaller, more enhanced water vapor barrier effect: glass Linen aluminum foil in the middle of heat sealing polyethylene layer than the general veneer thick, less water vapor permeability, so the water vapor barrier effect better and reliable Protection of glass wool and other insulation materials.
       4, the tensile strength is better, veneer more crisp: glass Linen aluminum foil than the high strength of aluminum foil, but also more suitable for glass wool factory, rock wool factory, mineral wool factory online fit.
       5, aluminum foil composite glass Linen veneer more flat, reducing the aluminum foil surface damage probability: glass Linen aluminum foil due to fine cloth, polyethylene layer thickness, veneer more flat, aluminum foil surface is not susceptible to friction damage, and thus better played Water vapor barrier function.
    PVC Linen series of high-strength polyester waterproof fabric is a high-strength polyester canvas-based cloth, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with growth agent, anti-mildew agent, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent Chemical additives, made by high temperature plastic.
    Waterproof, anti-aging, anti-static and other properties; and the product breaking strength, tear elongation, tear strength is much better than the traditional Linen; product appearance colorful, it is pleasing to the eye. The surface of a special treatment from the anti-skid effect, is the international popular waterproof cloth, and the width of large, reaching 2 meters wide, processing products can reduce the patchwork to improve the quality, can be used to heat sealing stitching, The And according to user needs to produce different functions, different colors, different thickness of the product.
There are several types of Linen transportation standards:
1, special lines, special rail to reach the unloading of Linen back: unloading, the consignee with special line freight truck filled with "truck Linen handover" within two days will lin according to the rules (cleaning, folding) to the station Linen room , The consignee failed to send the date of the date of Linen, the rules should be approved by the cost of cloth Linen extension, less than a day by day.
2, see a different shape, the consignee must be with the special line cargo truck unloading.
3, to stop cutting, damage Linen and rope, such as the formation of the consignor due to the formation of Linen lost, damaged, lack of waist, side rope, etc., according to "railway Linen damage disposal method" for.
4, the use of Linen before the station should be viewed by quality. When using the Linen, the Linen number will be filled in the article "Carrier Linen number" in the bill of lading. When using the Linen, we should draw the "×" symbol in the barcode " Is not in the goods bill of lading "shipper records" column marked "own Linen × Zhang" and the number.
5, special lines, special railway loading the use of railway Linen: special line, dedicated railway freight truck to fill the "truck Linen handover" (in duplicate), by the shipper with a special line of cargo filled with "truck Linen transfer "To the station to receive. And the pieces of view (cloth body intact, no damage, eyeless, mark, the number of intact. Rope completely, intact, no joints, plug solid, and Linen convergence accurate), check the number. After checking the correct, the shipper filled with the "truck Linen handover" filled with Linen number, the car number corresponds to the cover.

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