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In The Development Of Printed Tencel Fabrics, We Should Pay Attention To What Problems
Nov 01, 2016

Tencel fabric dyeing technology has been a major breakthrough, basically can guarantee the quality of products and the market demand for Tencel fabrics. But the printed Tencel fabric is currently in the process of research and development is still in trial production stage, to produce very few manufacturers. After several years of accumulation of technology and experience, the days silk textile Tencel fabric printing has its own unique understanding: We are from the Tencel raw material properties, Tencel dyeing and processing of the former Road, sand washing, Tencel printing dye choice As well as after the printing of solid color, washed, stereotypes, and other technology of the actual technical aspects of choice, after several practice and repeatedly improved proofing, and factory technical staff to explore the Tencel fabric printing production process. In general, Tencel fabric printing needs of the reactive dyes, and his raw material properties with the cotton similar properties, belong to the same staple, doing reactive printing and cotton printing is basically the same. The only difference is that Tencel fiber is to go through the sand washed fiber, which in the printing process to avoid the fabric sand washed after the water. For example, the development of tencel fabric printing, although Tencel and cotton at the same time the use of reactive dyes, but the Tencel and cotton coloring ability and reflect the results are not consistent, blended cotton printed days to be more simple; but woven Tencel printing As the latitude and longitude two different components, the same kind of dye induction is not consistent, printing is a great unknown. For the thin Tencel fabric printing is relatively easy, if you want in the thick Tencel fabric printing on the cautious test samples, because the thick-day Tencel fabrics in the printing dye is difficult to understand, prone to sand Road India , Uneven color, etc., so Tencel fabric printed as far as possible thin Tencel fabric.