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How To Avoid The Aging Of Cotton Dobby Cloth?
Nov 01, 2017

How to avoid the aging of Cotton Dobby Cloth?
Cotton Dobby Cloth is a common product in daily life, I believe we will not unfamiliar, such as warehousing, open space, tourism and living quarters are common, not only strong resistance to use, and has a very good fashion effect, worthy of our attention is, This product in the course of the use, if used improperly, or the use of time is too long, they will appear very serious aging phenomenon. So how do we avoid the aging of the Cotton Dobby Cloth product?
First, avoid exposure and high temperatures
It is understood that this product in contact with the high temperature of 110 degrees or more, we use them, to try to avoid this phenomenon of aging, it is best not to let them exposed to high temperatures, and do not sun exposure, only so they Can be used for a long time.
Second, avoid contact with chemicals
In the use of cotton Dobby Cloth contact with chemical substances, there will be abnormal aging, such as by corrosion, deterioration, loss of softness and so on, especially some of the acidity is too large, or too high salinity substances, Will directly erode the kind of cloth. So, in order to avoid the aging of this product, to avoid their unavailability effect, we have to avoid their contact with chemical substances.
In order to avoid the phenomenon of canvas aging, deterioration or other adverse conditions, we must avoid being exposed to high temperature drying, but also to avoid their contact with chemical substances, the only way we Can guarantee the long-term effective use of the product conditions.
Cotton Dobby Cloth is probably defined as a thicker cotton fabric or hemp fabric. Cotton Dobby Cloth was originally used for the name of the sail, the general use of plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, latitude and longitude yarn are made of multi-strand and other textile.
1, the new cotton Dobby Cloth to buy a tarpaulin in the tarpaulins place on the glue layer, because the tarpaulin from the production is completed to the store, and then to the hands of consumers, the middle of multiple Links will inevitably have a slight loosening, cracking phenomenon, and then coated with a layer of glue can be a good way to prevent leakage.
2, tarpaulin as far as possible to keep dry, after covering the goods, remember to hang up the tarpaulin dry, if the tarpaulin a little dirty, first with cold water gently scrub again, do not use chemical lotion scrubbing, this will destroy Cloth surface waterproof film, reduce the tarpaulin waterproof effect.
3, tarpaulin mold will damage the tarpaulin waterproof, in case of moldy situation, with a sponge dip a little detergent gently brush to mold to prevent further damage to the tarpaulin;
4, the use of Cotton Dobby Cloth, do not wear shoes directly on the tarpaulin, so as not to damage the tarpaulin fabric strength.
5, to build Cotton Dobby Cloth, it is best to use tents fixed to the ground, to ensure that ventilation and rain resistance are good.
What are the performance characteristics of the cotton Dobby Cloth currently on the market?
1, breathability: tarpaulin must consider its permeability, especially the military tents cloth, breathability of the factors such as the end of cloth tissue, density, materials, waterproof finishing agent type, resin adhesion and so on. With the increase in resin adhesion, Cotton Dobby Cloth's air permeability decreased. Of course this is related to the finishing agent used. Generally have the permeability of the canopy most of the paraffin or acrylic resin finishing the cotton, vinylon, lacquer and other short-cut fabric products.
2, tensile strength: Cotton Dobby Cloth in the use of all the tension to bear, such as the tension when the tension to be tension: the use of the process to be affected by the wind, rain, the province and other additional force role. Despite these external forces, they are still required to maintain the original shape, not easily deformed, which requires the tarpaulin has a high tensile strength, and should not have too much latitude and longitude to the tensile strength difference.

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