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How Can We Make The Biggest Use Of Cotton Canvas?
Sep 08, 2017

How can we make the biggest use of Cotton Canvas?
         The normal use of Cotton Canvas is essential, the correct use can prevent Cotton Canvas aging, to extend the service life. Then in use you have to pay attention to the following six elements.
         1. Cotton Canvas in the non-use, you have to ground quickly, the Cotton Canvas stacked up, received a close. Including parts and components can not be less Oh, so as not to use the next time can not completely cover the object.
         2. There are also tips on moving Cotton Canvas. I recommend placing it in a moisture-proof, sunny place. Although the Cotton Canvas with moisture-proof, waterproof performance, I think it can be placed on the other do not throw.
         3. Cotton Canvas cleaning work is also heavy in this heavy. After the use of Cotton Canvas for a simple clean-up work is necessary.
         4. For long, long time did not use the Cotton Canvas, occasionally sun drying, in addition to bacteria is also an essential thing.
         5. When installing the Cotton Canvas, please note that the Cotton Canvas buckle is good, the position is not appropriate. In short, be careful not to have a bad thing.
         6. Cotton Canvas when used, especially to pay attention to, to avoid sharp or sharp objects cut Cotton Canvas. Of course, accidentally cut, but also remedial methods, timely repair.
         More than six points can make Cotton Canvas to play its greatest performance.
          Waterproof Cotton Canvas craft is very special, its main performance is waterproof, moisture.
          The density of the fabric of the waterproof Cotton Canvas is in the form of a metric, and the number of the number of holes in the area of the latitude and longitude is one square inch. Will directly affect the Cotton Canvas feel, bending and breathability. Only Cotton Canvas wear resistance and thermal performance to achieve when the physical and mechanical indicators. Waterproof Cotton Canvas can really play its proper performance.
          When using waterproof Cotton Canvas, should prevent the sun, after cleaning naturally dry. In order to extend its life.
Whenever a consumer slightly on the Cotton Canvas a little understanding or understanding, are aware of the quality of Cotton Canvas is not to boast, but the consumer himself to speak out of the good is really good.
    Today, Cotton Canvas market cohabitation, Cotton Canvas prices are also high and low. Xiaobian just want to say, Cotton Canvas prices and quality are closely related, inseparable. PE cloth on the market and PVC coated cloth has a waterproof function. But the use of different years, so the price is also very different, consumers choose PE cloth and PVC coated cloth, according to their own environment to choose their own waterproof cloth.
    If the consumer is only temporary use, you can choose PE cloth, because of cost-effective, very cost-effective. If the consumer intends to use for many years, but also in the open space, then Xiaobian suggest you buy PVC coated cloth, PVC coated cloth with 100% waterproof, sunscreen, tensile, acid and other functions, Please remind you, do not choose the wrong tarpaulin, it was worth the candle?
Cotton Canvas is a common product in daily life, I believe we will not be unfamiliar. Such as warehousing, open space, tourism and living area are common. Not only strong resistance to use, but also has a very good fashion effect. It is worth noting that this product in the course of the use, if used improperly, or the use of time is too long, they will appear very serious aging phenomenon. So how do we avoid the aging of this product?
   First, avoid exposure and high temperatures. It is understood that this product in contact with the high temperature of 110 degrees or more. When we use them, we must try to avoid this aging phenomenon, it is best not to let them access to high temperatures, and do not sun exposure, the only way they can be long-term use.
  Second, avoid contact with chemicals. In the use of Cotton Canvas exposure to chemical substances, there will be abnormal aging, such as by corrosion, deterioration, loss of softness, etc., especially some of the acidity is too large, or too high salinity substances, they will Direct erosion of the cloth. So, in order to avoid the aging of this product, to avoid their unavailability effect, we have to avoid their contact with chemical substances.
  In order to avoid the aging of Cotton Canvas, deterioration or other adverse conditions, we must avoid being exposed to high temperature drying, but also to avoid their contact with chemical substances, the only way, We can guarantee the long-term effective use of the product conditions.