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Dyeing And Finishing Process Of Cotton Jacquard Silk Jacquard Gauze
Sep 18, 2017

  Pure cotton gauze surface has a clear and evenly distributed gauze aperture, the warp and weft density is very small, the fabric is relatively light, the structure is stable, the air permeability is good, the cloth face is clean, the cloth body is covered.This fabric can be used for summer clothing, banquet clothes and high-grade suits, and good performance.

  The fabric dyeing and finishing of silk jacquard yarns with pure cotton can produce shriveled and special style. The yarns are thinner and cannot withstand the great tension during the dyeing process, so they can not be processed on the continuous flat-width boiled bleaching equipment, otherwise it is easy to break the head in the process of processing. Nor in the tension of the larger jig dyeing machine to carry on the pretreatment and dyeing, due to the elastic gauze cloth edge thin narrow, prone to shrinkage after dipping working liquid, lead to roll not neat, have serious bad side. The fabric is usually used for precooking and dyeing on normal temperature overflow dyeing machine. The key of the pretreatment process is to make the fabric half product quality index to the dyeing requirement, and to keep the silvery luster shining.

The elastic - wire jacquard gauze fabrics should be handled before loosening

And dyeing equipment, should reduce the tension in the process, in order to avoid the breakage, the product quality.

 silver filament, normal alkali oxygen and cooking enzyme 88/ hydrogen peroxide treatment before boiling, can cause the thin aluminum layer to damage, fall off, and lose the metallic luster.

using biological enzymes to refine 2 - oxygen bleaching process can effectively remove impurities on the fabric of silk jacquard gauze, and the wire damage is small. Cooking liquid prescription: biological refined enzyme 301L1.5g/L, penetrant JFC2g/L,pH value 7 ~ 8. Oxygen bleaching prescription: 30%H2O220g/L,

the dyeing of silk jacquard gauze with elastic wire is used to stain the dyeing of reactive dyes, and the damage of the dyed metal wire is serious.