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Development Of New Tencel Fabrics To Avoid The Shortcomings Of Tencel Fiber
Nov 01, 2016

We tend to the following points: In general, the more common are the warp Tencel, weft to polyester, cotton, cotton, silk, linen and nylon, the latitude and longitude clear, In fact, this is far from enough to express the concept of interweaving, in addition to weft yarn can also enable other raw materials, the latitude and longitude are used intertwined means is also very worth trying. For example, warp yarns can be used alternately with other yarns, using different materials in the finishing of the different attributes, highlighting a style; the same latitude to be able to transform different raw materials and yarn count, is not necessarily all-in-one The same kind of raw materials and yarn count can not, in addition to the appearance can produce visual changes, you can also use different materials to produce different three-dimensional telescopic effect. As the days of silk cotton interwoven, personalized design will be used in the zonal alternation of cotton, polyester or nylon, and even more differentiated raw materials, so that produce different gloss and convex and concave cloth, more leisure features, but also not Will be homogeneous, for fashion, the personalized design to highlight the highlights, but also may be selling points. In addition to the development of the fabric to be more elastic coated wire, this fabric is more suitable for fashion women's plastic body, leisure characteristics.