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Days Silk Textile Research And Development Of The Day-Jin Stretch Fabric
Nov 01, 2016

Tencel stretch fabric woven by the use of Lenzing Tencel, nylon weft nylon filament coated with spandex, Tencel fiber and nylon spandex is woven from silk, Tencel elastic fabric fabric style can reflect both Tencel fiber cashmere sense of skin-friendly and Tencel fabrics of high-grade quality, but also show the luster of nylon filament and strength, so that the surface of the fabric is more smooth. Shun Shuang, with spandex silk stretch, more suitable High-end fashion women's requirements. TENS1276 has the following composition: Tencel 73%, Nylon 24%, Spandex 3%; Warp yarn count: Tencel 21S; weft yarn count: Nylon 100D + spandex 40D; width: 55 "/ 56"; weight: 160GSM; organizational structure: twill weave. This fabric has been officially launched into the market, sample cloth has three colors; navy, khaki and beige, we can provide free sample cloth, and a sample cloth can be used for proofing clothing to use.