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Cotton Fabric Gloves When Using The Precautions
Oct 10, 2017

Before using Cotton Fabric gloves, please pay attention to some of the things: 1. Use suitable for different workplaces of Cotton Fabric gloves. The selected Cotton Fabric gloves should have sufficient protective effect, the choice of wire cutting gloves in the environment, we can not use synthetic yarn anti-cut gloves and so on. To ensure that its protection function, you must regularly replace the gloves. If you exceed the period of use, it may cause injury to your hands or skin.
2. Check Cotton Fabric gloves at any time to check whether Cotton Fabric gloves are small holes or damaged, abrasive, especially finger.
3. Note that the use of Cotton Fabric gloves, if a Cotton Fabric gloves used in different places, it may greatly reduce the life of Cotton Fabric gloves. 4. Remove Cotton Fabric gloves must pay attention to the correct way to prevent the glove contamination of harmful substances exposed to the skin and clothing, resulting in secondary pollution. 5. It is best not to share Cotton Fabric gloves with others because Cotton Fabric gloves are a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes, and Cotton Fabric gloves are likely to cause cross-contamination.
6. Wear Cotton Fabric gloves before washing hands, Cotton Fabric gloves to wear in a clean (sterile) hands, or easy to breed bacteria. Remove the Cotton Fabric gloves to wash your hands and wipe the hand cream to supplement the grease.
7. Wear a Cotton Fabric gloves to cover the wound before the skin is to resist the external environment damage to the natural barrier, can prevent the entry of bacteria and chemicals.
Cotton Fabric is widely used, the common is the car canopy. With the Cotton Fabric, trucks in the rain do not have to worry about the goods are wet, it will not be delayed because of the rainy days of delivery time.
The size of the truck is so big, and the maximum width of the Cotton Fabric is 3 meters. How can I make a big car sail? For example, the size of the car to the size of 12 meters * 8 meters, and Cotton Fabric maximum width of only 2.5 meters, then to 12 * 8 how to do? That's what we're going to discuss today.
We all know how clothes are made, the same reason, do Cotton Fabric can also be used to do the clothes method. Width, length is enough that can be two, or even a few Cotton Fabric fight together. Method with two words can be summarized: liquid, sewing. The main machine: liquid machine, sewing machine.
But not all of the Cotton Fabric can be liquid, Cotton Fabric types are divided into pvc plastic waterproof Cotton Fabric, silicone cloth, wax cloth. According to the characteristics of Cotton Fabric and use different methods of processing.
PVC waterproof Cotton Fabric quality of the simple distinction, first look at the appearance, full color, color uniform is a good product to see the coating exposed at the end, not exposed as well, and then hand scraping, coating layer is not easy to scratch, It is not easy to leave scratches, hand touch to see its softness, usually the more soft the better texture, the appearance of the more dry the better, repeated rubbing by hand to see if it will not be layered, off, if the demand for flame retardant, With the fire to see how long away from the fire self-extinguishing, self-extinguishing time as short as possible, and then look at the tear strength, cut a tear tear, tear the greater the better, , The less the better.
Which also contributed to the entire PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric market competition is increasingly fierce, PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric types began to split, with PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric, businesses are carried out PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric price war, so fierce competition , Not only let some small manufacturers closed down, it is to promote PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric market is the positive development.
Ordinary tarpaulins, to PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric, PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric Now all the way to upgrade, not just the quality of the upgrade, it is the perfect function of the cross. Until now PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric market sales growth rapidly, has been far more than before the ordinary tarpaulin and tarpaulins, there are some relatively good strength of the tarpaulin factory are beginning to develop the production of PVC three anti-Cotton Fabric, to strengthen their competition force.