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Cotton Canvas Three Application Scenarios
Sep 19, 2017

Cotton Canvas three application scenarios
 Fire Cotton Canvas is a specially treated fibrous fabric with a tight structure and high temperature performance that protects objects away from heat and spark areas and completely prevents burning or isolation.
1, can be widely used in the ship industry on the hull construction and repair;
2, can also be used in petrochemical enterprises on the metal structure and other insulation, insulation and the need for welding place, showing a good protective adaptability.
3, with Cotton Canvas processing molding blankets, is suitable for large malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public places of entertainment for fire construction: such as welding, cutting, etc .; use of this product can directly reduce the spark splash, Burning, easy to fry dangerous goods isolation and block, and make people's lives safe and complete the property to be guaranteed.
I believe that a lot of transport, do goods yard friends know Cotton Canvas, PVC waterproof tarpaulin, because it is the industry must know the equipment. As the Cotton Canvas has shelter, as well as durable wear and environmental protection, logistics companies, warehouses, factories, farms and most companies need to cover a lot of goods and so on. In recent years, Cotton Canvas is widely used in car canopy cloth, ship cover cloth, open field cargo cover cloth, train cover cloth, construction site with cloth, crop cover cloth, machine cover, wild camping tent, etc., use a very wide range.
 Cotton Canvas is a high-quality product in the tarpaulin with excellent anti-mildness, obvious water resistance, waterproofing relative to other Cotton Canvas, good low temperature softness, high strength, strong tensile strength, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and relatively light ; Plus way: heat sealing machine, sewing machine. To judge a cotton Canvas good and bad, the main concern a few points:
 Appearance Excellent cotton Canvas good color, very bright; smooth and smooth, the other side of a little granular objects, indicating that the resin composition to add appropriate, the temperature is appropriate; no pinholes, resin density, anti-aging good, long service life.
 2. Rally. According to the different technology, Cotton Canvas in the material ratio is very hard, with the appropriate, so that the damage capacity of the cloth blank, the rally will be better; yarn latitude and longitude density, good pull.
 3. Waterproof performance. Waterproof performance, good gum, Cotton Canvas does not appear pinhole situation, indicating that the production of good material. In the addition of materials, resin composition, high density, good waterproof performance.
 4. feel. Feels very soft, although the thickness of the general feeling, but in fact the thickness has been hit requirements, but because the resin composition is high, processing technology is good, so feel very soft in the feel, do not feel rough.
 5. Production process. Cotton Canvas is made of vertical machine, vertical machine machinery production, the cloth straight into the raw material box pulled out, on the sheet of adhesive material is high purity PVC material, and then both sides have been straightened through the knife Scraping, cutting with a knife after drying, trimming, lap, packaging. There are two kinds of dryer, one is to use electric, one is the boiler. Vertical machine on the high requirements of raw materials, raw materials must be a certain degree of purity. Often vertical machine production PVCCotton Canvas to be slightly expensive, Cotton Canvas products are also high purity.
 6. Environmental performance. Cotton Canvas is made of polyester filament, the appearance of PVC double-sided coating, selected high-quality environmentally friendly resin, smooth surface, bright colors, with waterproof, fire, anti-corrosion, mildew, cold, high temperature, Aging and other properties.
 Master these aspects, and basically you have a certain selection of vision, one can judge good or bad.