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Cotton / Polyamide Double Elastic Fabric With The Excellent Characteristics Of The Market Caused Great Concern
Nov 01, 2016

Cotton and Kapok double elastic fabric has the following advantages: 

1, the fabric has a strong sense of cotton: 

cotton brocade elastic double fabric by the combed cotton yarn, cotton content of more than 50%, so the cloth has a good cotton Velvet feeling, very soft, for personal clothing for its comfort better. 

2, fabric crisp good: 

because the cotton fabric velvet feeling stronger, feel more comfortable, but its too soft, easy to wrinkle, but the cotton twill stretch fabric with nylon nylon component, the fabric with nylon Crisp, easy to wrinkle, so that clothing has a better version of type. 

3, elasticity is very good: 

As the cotton and kapok double elastic stretch fabric spandex silk, it has good elasticity, cotton fabric is more suitable than pants and other tight clothing, in the movement can be more free stretch. 

4, the fabric has a gloss: 

cotton fabric after dyeing dark color, it is difficult to have bright colors, but the cotton and nylon elastic double-layer fabric contains nylon composition, the yarn has brightness, dyeing more bright, the recent heat The color of the pin in red, green-based, followed by navy blue, dark blue, black and so on. 

5, the fabric is more smooth: 

cotton fabric feel soft, but relatively rough, cotton and nylon elastic double-layer fabric containing nylon, so that the cloth can better reflect the characteristics of smooth nylon yarn, clothing feel more smooth. 

6, the price is more reasonable: 

Although the price of cotton and nylon elastic double-layer fabrics to be higher than the cotton fabric, but compared to other stretch fabrics, its cost-effective better, lower prices, more easily accepted by most garment enterprises, which Cotton fabric is also an important reason for double-stretch fabric tight.