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Double Knit vs. Ponte… that is the question
Apr 20, 2017

Recently I saw a post on a popular sewing board asking the difference between ponte knit and double knit.  I am ever mindful of my role as business owner and do not post on sewing boards to avoid the pitfall of "advertising".  But I thought the question was valid and deserving of a response.  As you all know I do not put myself out there as an expert on fabrications.  I am simply a business owner and sewist with a lot of years of experience and a good bit of research to back that up.  So here is how we respond to that question.

Double knit is a generic term that refers to the structure of the knit fabric. Double knits are weft knits produced using two needles on two needle beds. The result is a jersey that is flat on both sides and can often be reversible.  There are a wide variety of double knits on the market.  Ponte di Roma is one type of double knit.

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