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Contact:Han Wang
Address: Room 208, Building 1, NO.906 Zhenxing Road, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City,China
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Question One: Where is your company?

Answer One: Our company is located in NO.906 Zhenxing Road, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Question Two: Do you have your own factory?

Answer Two:Yes, we have our long-term cooperated factory. To adapt to the demand of market and meet requirements of different customers. we offer better service than factory, please be assured to choose us.

Question Three: What are your main products?

Answer Three:We are mainly specializing in woven fabric and focusing on the development and production of textiles. Also, we have a mature and resiponsible team to escort our products.

Question Four: What kind of services can your customer enjoy?

Answer Four:In order to adapt to the development of emerging market, we set up a specialized department where have specialized people to foresee and handle upcoming problems and prevent troubles before it happens. Actively cope with the all the problems happened or will happen through the production to let customers know the production details and enjoy a professional technical service from us.

Question Five: How long have your company been in this line?

Answer Five:Our company has been in this line for more than 15 years, which results in our better knowledge of fabrics. We have 20 years' experience of analysing fabrics' content and specification . If have any confusion about the content and construction of fabric, you can consult us.

Question Six: Which kind of test reports can you provide for your fabric?

Answer Six: We can provide ITS and SGS test reports for our fabric and other test reports required by customers also can be provide.

Question Seven: How do you send your samples?

Answer Seven:Free samples can be provided, you will only pay for postage. If there is a firm order, postage cost will be deducted from the firm order.

Question Eight: What quality standard are you following?

Answer Eight: We are following European and American quality standard.